School of Science

Physics laboratory III

This course is part of the programme:
Physics and astrophysics

Objectives and competences

Students perform experiments from the field of wave and heat propagation, which have been previously prepared. They analyze and present the results in a written report.


Mathematical physics I (1FAF11), Physics laboratory II (1FAF14)

Content (Syllabus outline)

1. INTRODUCTION: Safety instructions related to laser measurements


3. EXPERIMENT: Ultrasound diffraction

4. EXPERIMENT: Resonance of pendulum

5. EXPERIMENT: Numerical calculation of heat diffusion

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this course student will be able to perform an advanced experiment including these steps:

  • measurement techniques and data collection;

  • statistical analysis of data, model linearization,

  • calculation of linear coefficients and their errors;

  • measurement logbook and analysis results;

  • defense of results.

  • Readings

    Each experiment is conducted according to provided written instructions, which contain a list of relevant readings.


    Examination of lab. notes, delivered reports, oral defense of reports

    Lecturer's references

    Egon Pavlica is an assistant professor of physics at the University of Nova Gorica.

    1. PATHIPATI, Srinivasa Rao, PAVLICA, Egon, PARVEZ, Khaled, FENG, Xinliang, MÜLLEN, Klaus, BRATINA, Gvido. Graphene flakes at the SiO[sub]2/organic-semiconductor interface for high-mobility field-effect transistors. Organic electronics 2015.

    2. CHHIKARA, Manisha, PAVLICA, Egon, MATKOVIĆ, Aleksandar, BELTAOS, Angela, GAJIĆ, Radoš, BRATINA, Gvido. Pentacene on graphene : differences between single layer and bilayer. Carbon 2015.

    3. CHHIKARA, Manisha, PAVLICA, Egon, MATKOVIĆ, Aleksandar, GAJIĆ, Radoš, BRATINA, Gvido. Effect of water layer at the SiO[sub]2/graphene interface on pentacene morphology. Langmuir 2014.

    4. PAVLICA, Egon, BRATINA, Gvido. Time-of-flight mobility of charge carriers in position-dependent electric field between coplanar electrodes. Applied physics letters 2012.

    5. ORGIU, Emanuele, PAVLICA, Egon, BRATINA, Gvido, et al. Optically switchable transistor via energy-level phototuning in a bicomponent organic semiconductor. Nature chemistry 2012.

    University course code: 1FAF19

    Year of study: 2

    Semester: 2

    Course principal:


    ECTS: 3


    • Lectures: 10 hours
    • Exercises: 50 hours

    Course type: mandatory

    Languages: slovene and english

    Learning and teaching methods:
    lectures, individual measurements in the laboratory