School of Science

Undergraduate (I. level) Physics

Are you uinterested in material science, numerical simulations, measuring techniques? This program is oriented towards solving practical problems using scientific approaches.

Study programme: Bachelor's physics programme
Main fields of study:
Course code: 1IF
Level of study: 1. stopnja univerzitetni
Name of the qualification: diploma
Qualification title:
Qualification abbreviation:
Final examination: no
Dean: prof. dr. Samo Stanič
ECTS coordinator: prof. dr. Iztok Arčon

Program description

Undergraduate program in physics at the University of Nova Gorica is oriented towards forming experts relevant to all corporate environments, such as industrial research divisions, government bodies and other, as our graduates acquired extensive practical knowledge and skills. Our graduates are also prepared to pursue physics at the master level at EU accredited institutions.

The syllabus of of the program is balanced between basic physics knowledge and skills and their application in engineering and natural sciences. Fundamental courses, for example mathematics, are organized so as to convey the essential knowledge without lengthy and rigorous derivations. The syllabus in turn includes examples from contemporary physics and engineering and a considerable part of the Physics laboratory courses are being carried out in partner industrial laboratories and research divisions. “Red line” of the program are measurement techniques in a variety of fields and working environments, which allow the students to encounter practical problems in corporate environments from their freshmen year on. Lectures are given in small groups, exploiting the possibility of international exchange through the ERASMUS+ and other programs. As a result, students have the possibility to transfer ECTS credit points between same level programs at the University of Nova Gorica and other universities accredited in the EU.


Curriculum for this study year is not yet available.