01. april 2014

Univerza v Novi Gorici objavlja prosto delovno mesto asistenta – doktorskega študenta s področja računalniške mikrofluidike.
Rok za prijavo: do 21. 4. 2014

The Laboratory for Multiphase Processes at University of Nova Gorica (see is seeking an Assistant – doctoral student to work on projects funded by Slovenian Grant Agency and Desy, Hamburg ( on developing microfluidics models, based on meshless methods. Doctoral student will work with other members of the research team (see publications of the team ) on:

1) Develop physical models for microfluidics applications,
2) Further develop meshless methods,
3) Apply meshless methods in microfluidics field.

It is expected that the applicant: – has at least a university degree, or a master (2nd level) degree from the field of Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering. – enrolls at the doctoral program (third level) at the Graduate School of the University of Nova Gorica in academic year 2014/2015

The candidates are expected to perform also related teaching activities.

Required Skills:
Solid numerical methods and computer coding experience; knowledge of thermodynamics, solid and fluid mechanics; good communication and presentation skills.

Desired Skills:
Experience in coding with FORTRAN or C++ and MATLAB.

The position will start on May 1, 2014 or as soon as the position is filled. Annual salary will be competitively offered based on the level and experience of the applicant, and will include full employee benefits. Appointment will be made for one year, with possibility to be prolonged after positive evaluation.

The position is on campus of University of Nova Gorica in Ajdovščina, Slovenia (seeščina). Ajdovščina has a beautiful landscape and is situated about an hour drive from capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, few minutes drive from world wonder of Postojna cave (see, and two hours drive from Venice (see ).

The application should include:
• cover letter,
• CV including contact details,
• list of relevant publications,
• two references, as recommendations will be sought.


Dodatne informacije

Interested applicants please submit electronic application to Professor Bozidar Sarler ( or to Tea Stibilj Nemec (, Univerza v Novi Gorici, Vipavska cesta 13, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia.