I worked on various theoretical topics in astroparticle physics, raging from particle phenomenology of dark matter (Cirelli et al., 2011; Shepherd et al., 2009; Farrar et al. 2006), studies of the promising dark matter search strategies (see e.g., Sefusatti et al., 2014; Serpico et al. 2011; Zaharijas et al., 2006) and the interpretation of the charged cosmic ray and gamma ray data (see e.g., Ajello et al., 2015; Petrovic et al, 2014; Petrovic et al. 2014; Bergstrom et al. 2006). 


I have been a member of the Fermi-LAT collaboration since the launch of the Fermi satellite in 2008 working within its 'Dark Matter and New Physics' and 'Diffuse Emission and Cosmic Rays' working groups.


I am member of the CTA collaboration since 2014 working within its 'Dark Matter and Fundamental Physics' working group.


gabrijela.zaharijas AT

University of Nova Gorica

Laboratory for Astroparticle Physics

Vipavska 13 SI-5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia