Janoš Morenčič - MSc graduate in Engineering and Management

Janoš, why did you decide to study Engineering and Management at the School of Engineering and Management? If you had to decide today, with all the experience you have, what would be your decision?

Choosing a field of study is an important decision in life, so I think that the feedback from graduates is very important and welcome. After graduating from high school in computer science, I first enrolled at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. In my second year of study, I said goodbye to it because I realized it wasn’t what I had imagined. Then, a few years later, I enrolled in the study of economic engineering (part-time). This program as a whole suited me the most, so I later continued my studies at second level.

The study convinced me on two key areas:

a) compliance of the content of the study program with my needs (economics, management, informatics, models, projects, learning new approaches, different thinking)

b) Specificity of this School:

  • usability (the program offers functional knowledge and skills with which we can immediately move into a real environment),
  • modern program and focus on current and not outdated areas,
  • professionalism and experience of professors (many professors have a lot of experience in real working environment and problem solving in addition to pedagogical knowledge),
  • greater availability of professors for help or tips
  • a smaller number of students brings other advantages (there is a touch of individual treatment),
  • encourages team and project-oriented work,
  • encourages different concepts of thinking.

In which company do you work and and what is your job? What are your most important tasks? Is your work more routine and repetitive from day to day or is it varied?

For the last two and a half years I have been employed as an IT specialist in the company Plastik SI, d. o. o. My field of work mainly includes the administration of ICT systems, and the code list of semi-finished products and other elements. This set also includes end-user support, procurement procedures, development projects, preparation and maintenance of documentation, and more. Prior to this employment, I was employed by NKBM, d. d., as a system administrator, and before that as a computer equipment repairman. My work has always been extremely dynamic and extensive.

With who do you work the most and what are the biggest challenges? How did the School prepare you for that? What did you like most about studying?

My work is intertwined with internal employees, with the JUB group, d. o. o. and external contractors. In my professional career, I have benefited greatly from the knowledge gained in the study program Engineering and Management, especially from the fields of information systems, economics, law, projects and decision-making methods.
Naj naštejem nekaj večjih projektov:

  • participation in the project ICT evaluation in banking. In this area, we have prepared a catalog of services, defined cost-sharing methodologies and calculations,
  • ICT monetization (the basic idea of the bank's management was to make a comprehensive comparative analysis between the provision of its own ICT services (current situation) with outsourcing the concept of all ICT or their individual parts (legal aspect),
  • comprehensive analysis of the transition of ICT systems of most banks in Slovenia to the central "super center".

As part of your studies, you also had a wide selection of electives. What subjects did you choose? Did you encounter the content of these subjects later in your work?

The choice of these subjects is an individual judgment. I definitely recommend a choice that will be useful later, although it may require more effort than others. I myself chose the subject Decision support models and systems, mainly because of its great applicability in real life.

To Whom would you recommend this study and profession?

I recommend the profession Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management / Master of Science in Engineering and Management to those who would like to intervene in management or similar profiles within companies. With their studies, they acquire the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge (economics, technology, processes, leadership). It should be emphasized that the knowledge gained during the study from different fields allows to understand these areas and thus coordinate different aspects (understanding the different views of individual internal services: development, sales). This can significantly contribute to a common win-win solution.