Sara Kozjan - student of the study programme Materials Science, 2nd level

Sara, why did you decide for Master’s studies of Materials Science at the School of Science?

I chose this School because I am interested in science in general, and I enrolled into this specific study programme because I think materials play an important role in our lives, they are present everywhere and it is extremely interesting to study and develop them. Also the syllabus itself and all the interesting courses convinced me to choose this study programme.

Why is this study programme so special, what do you particularly like about it and where do the academic activities take place?

The programme is special because the courses are carried out in small groups, which allows us to have a direct contact with our professors, better communication and as a result we also understand the study matter better and get more detailed explanations. This way of studying suits me and I am very satisfied with it, as I can truly get the most of my studies. The School cooperates with the National Institute of Chemistry and the Jožef Stefan Institute, so our academic activities take place at three locations – in Ajdovščina, where the headquaters of the School are, and in Ljubljana – at the National Institute of Chemistry and the Jožef Stefan Institute. As the activities are tightly connected to those of the cooperating institutes, we can observe in practice what the actual work tasks of a future graduate in Materials Science are and what kind of knowledge we can expect to obtain.

Your study programme also offers a wide variety of elective courses. Why do you think such diversity of courses matters?

The large selection of courses allows the students to focus on the fields which they are most interested in.

What kind of knowledge do you obtain during your studies?

Knowledge from various areas such as science, R&D;, materials and their characterisation, technologies, the development of materials and their applications to technology. We also obtain knowledge in chemistry, physics, engineering – you actually get extremely wide knowledge.

Whom would you recommend this study programme and this profession?

To all those interested in science, R&D;, materials, engineering and also in chemistry, physics and technologies, that is to anyone interested in natural sciences in general.

What are the employment opportunities of MSc graduates in Materials?

There is a wide spectrum of jobs available, they can seek employment in R&D;, science, at various institutes, in pharmacy, medicine, industry … in other words, in any area dealing with materials.