Tanja Kožuh, Primorska Technology Park

The Primorska Technology Park aims to offer the young an opportunity to establish a connection with the business sector yet during their studies, through which they can develop their ideas, propose solutions, learn how to undertake the responsibility and decisions, and how to manage the risks, as well as to explore and identify new opportunities.
In the field of developing the entrepreneurship of the young generation, we are renowned for the POPRI Entrepreneur Competition for the young, but actually not many people know that for the same purpose we annually offer practical placements to the students of the School of Engineering and Management of the University of Nova Gorica.

Our long-term cooperation with the University has turned out to be fruitful, as the students who had been gathering experience within our company upgraded their business skills, and, what is more, became familiar with the innovative high-tech companies in the local community, which offered them employment after graduation.
We are also proud that these graduates later took the most important positions within the fast-developing companies in our region.

Tanja Kožuh, MSc, Director of the Primorska Technology Park