Webinar Artificial intelligence – a fashion fad or a must?

University of Nova Gorica Week 2022

Time: Thursday, 6th October 2022, 13:30–14:00

Location: online, please register at THIS LINK

Event description:

Nowadays we can frequently hear about artificial intelligence, but the latter may have different interpretations. Most people associate artificial intelligence to the idea of humanoid robots, which often appear in science-fiction movies. But artificial intelligence is much more than that. At the lecture we can learn what artificial intelligence is and examine practical cases of its use in our daily lives. This is our reality, our future and an indispensable constituent part of all the aspects of our lives. It is thus necessary to learn more about artificial intelligence and become aware of its importance and challenges appearing along it.

The event is suitable for all types of audience.

Event organiser: School of Engineering and Management

Contact: Administrative Office of the School of Engineering and Management
E: info.ptf@ung.si
T: +386 5 6205 830