Webinar The arising and development of conflicts and conflict resolution strategies

Event of the University of Nova Gorica Week 2022

Time: Thursday, 6th October 2022, 14:30–15:00

Location: online.


Event description:

The majority of the conflicts between us arise not only as a result of the actual problems, but also due to mutual misunderstanding appearing because of the different opinions of the type »I know what I wanted to tell you, but you completely misunderstood it«. As we are not aware of the eventual misunderstandings pending, the battles »who is right« and »who will win« begin. The trust is shattered and the parties are no longer willing to cooperate with each other.
However, the conflicts may be very useful if they are resolved using the »win – win« principle – and this is indeed possible.

We will learn about the useful approaches and conflict resolving strategies by examining real-life situations and learn how »you and I« can both become winners. Such strategies can help us to significantly improve our daily lives.

The event is suitable for all types of audience.

Event organiser: School of Engineering and Management

Further information: Administrative Office of the School for Engineering and Management

E: info.ptf@ung.si
T: +386 5 6205 830