Webinar Things are becoming a part of the Internet

University of Nova Gorica Week 2022

Time: Thursday, 6th October 2022, 14:00–14:30

Location: online, please register at THIS LINK

Event description:

Nowadays almost all devices offer the internet access. What does the access lead to and what are its benefits for the 5.0 society, if any simple signalling device like traffic lights is connected to the Internet? At the lecture we will examine the cases of sensors, the Internet connections and other sample cases, which will in the future represent an important source of information to create a more pleasant society. And this very breakthrough in the development of technologies and artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on our urban lives in the future.

The event is suitable for all types of audience.

Event organiser: School of Engineering and Management

Contact: Administrative Office of the School of Engineering and Management
E: info.ptf@ung.si
T: +386 5 6205 830