Distance-learning support at first-level study programmes

The School of Engineering and Management is planning to introduce low-residency studies of Engineering and Management from 2021/22 onwards. Part of study activities (study visits, practical placements) will take place on the School’s premises and in the field, while the rest will be caried out online. A certain scope of lectures and practical activities will be carried out online yet in the 2020/21 academic year. In this way, the students can learn how to use collaborative approaches and modern technologies enabling remote working.

Also the first-level study programmes Cultural History, Slovene Studies (1st level) and Digital Arts and Practices will offer a considerable number of online lectures, project and research activities, while practical placements and certain workshops will still be carried out in situ, such as certain workshops part of the modules Photography, Videofilm, Animation or New Media at the School of Arts.

The study programmes Physics and Astrophysics and Environment will offer more distance learning opportunities, while practical exercises, research, field and project work will still mostly be carried out in situ. The very fact that the students can take advantage of the state-of-the-art research equipment in UNG’s research units represents a huge privilege, giving the students key practical competences and a simultaneous insight into the latest scientific achievements. Moreover, our experience acquired throughout the years, has confirmed that, as both our graduates and their employers have confirmed the crucial role of upgrading the students’ knowledge through practical activities to give the future graduates all vital competences and skills.

By using innovative approaches and collaborating with external partners, certain additional practically-oriented activities will also be carried out online. For example, remote live astronomical observations will be available to students, thanks to the new remotely-operated telescope in Chile, which is currently being constructed by UNG and the Spika astronomy magazine as part of the educational and non-commercial project GoChile.

The study programme Viticulture and Enology will offer a limited amount of distance learning activities, as the studies are highly practically oriented, requiring strong students’ engagement in laboratories, and in fieldwork at the UNG estate, in wine cellars across the region etc.

All Schools will offer certain online assessment options (online examinations, presentations etc.), and online defences of Bachelor theses.