Student projects and extracurricular study activities

Would you like to take part in project work and other interesting extracurricular study activities?

As a smaller university, the University of Nova Gorica, with its individual approach to students, encourages the latter to take part in projects and other extracurricular study activities. In this way, the students can obtain experience in their professional field and develop their skills such as team work skills, problem-solving and communication skills, the ability to work in an international environment, to communicate in a foreign language, establishing contacts with business partners etc. All this can significantly enrich our students’ CVs and helps them establish contacts with potential employers.

Project work is carried out as part of the formal syllabi of study programmes, as well as in the form of extracurricular study activities.

Examples of students’ project work:

  • Group project work on students’ environmental projects* at the first-level study programme Environment (compulsory courses Introducation into Project Work and Group Project). Under the supervision of a mentor and in cooperation with third partners (companies, organisations), the students work on a common group project on a chosen environmental topis for four semesters. As part of the project they also prepare and publish the final project report, carry out public presentations of the project in the English language and work closely with the UNG research units. Read more.
  • Active participaton of the students of the School of Humanities in the international project Eduka2 – For a cross-border Governance of Education.
  • Student projects part of the programme schemes A creative path towards knowledge/Po kreativni poti do znanja (PKP) and Students’ innovative projects for the society benefits (ŠIPK). In PKP projects, students, under the supervision of mentors and in cooperation with businesses seek solutions for challenges in the business sector and in the society, while the ŠIPK projects are dedicated to finding inovativative solutions for challenges in the non-profit sector. The PKP and ŠIPK project schemes allow the students to acquire additional knowledge and practical experience yet during their studies, and at the same time they establish contacts with potential employers.

Examples of students’ participation in extracurricular study activities such as competitions:

  • Regular participation of the students of the School for Viticulture and Enology at the LIDLOV mladi vinar/LIDL’s younf enologist and in various other international competitions.
  • ARTEPAKT, the magazine published by the students of the School of Humanities. The students of the School of Humanities cooperate with the students of other UNG schools to provide contents of the magazine, while the university takes care of the publishing process and covers costs of print.
  • Regular active participation of UNG students in university’s events and other events at which UNG is presented (UNG Week, European Researchers’ Night 2021, professional, cultural and sports events, career fairs in Slovenia and abroad, cooperating with schools in Slovenia and abroad etc.). The students can obtain experience in various areas such as marketing, speaking in public, promotion of educational services, science outreach etc.