Carolyn Lee Ramsey

I enrolled in University of Nova Gorica’s karstology program for two main reasons: 1) because Slovenia is synonymous with karst; and 2) because it is not possible to study karstology as a stand-alone discipline in my country (Canada). As a karst resource management consultant, I was interested in increasing my theoretical knowledge of karst for practical karst management applications. The University of Nova Gorica’s karstology program seemed to be a logical choice.
In retrospect, as a person thirsting for more knowledge of karst, I could not have made a better choice. Coming from the province of British Columbia in Canada to University of Nova Gorica’s karstology program was like arriving at an oasis in a desert. I found the multi-disciplinary approach at the Karst Research Institute to be both challenging and intellectually stimulating. The collegial relationships and exchange of ideas with karst scientists around the world at the Institute provided an uniquely international perspective on the most current advances in various aspects of karstology. The opportunity to study in Slovenia, to learn more about the rich history and culture of this beautiful country, and to experience firsthand the kindness and hospitality of Slovenians were all factors that made studying karstology at the University of Nova Gorica so memorable.