Remo Castellini

I am a PhD student at the University of Vienna. In the last academic year, I had the opportunity to do a period of research and study at the University of Nova Gorica. The research visit at the University of Nova Gorica allowed me to develop and deepen more aspects of my PhD project. Furthermore, I developed my academic background. The motivation to study at the University of Nova Gorica was the possibility of supervision by Professor Petra Svoljšak and Professor Ana Toroš.
The object of this visit was to study the Slovene author Alojzij Res and his book Ob Soči: Vtisi in občutja iz mojega dnevnika. Furthermore, the object was to improve my knowledge on the Slovenian war literature and on cross-cultural studies, as well as on the historic-cultural context between Slovenia, Italy and Austria. My experience at the University of Nova Gorica has been very positive.

Subject of the PhD thesis:
This dissertation project will analyze the “literature of the border region” on the Italian-Austrian Front during World War I. The PhD project shall show the encounter between the different cultures from Trentino-South Tyrol through Julian March to the Istrian coastline. When analyzing the works, the focus lies on the different cultural identities, as well as the different perspectives of the authors. The aim is to investigate the development of the dialogue between the above-mentioned cultures. The following authors are taken into account for this project: Luis Trenker, Giulio Camber Barni and Alojzij Res. They were chosen according to their relevance and their status, given the reciprocal Austro-Italian-Slavic interwoven relationship and according to which amount they represent the particular characteristics of Trentino-South Tyrol or Triestine- Julian ambience.

Remo Castellini
doctoral study programme Humanities, 2017/18 academic year