Simone Milanolo

Karst is a unique and sensitive environment. You cannot really try to understand part of it while ignoring the complex connections leading to almost every other field of traditional research. I believe that to tackle these intricate problems you need to embrace such diversity and multidisciplinary approach also during your student career and then in your research work.
However, to do so, you need professors, mentors and supervisors who love karst and are able to transfer this passion into new generations. I found all of this and much more while working on my PhD in Slovenia, the same very place where the word “karst” was used for the first time. Here I found a teaching staff that is not just among the world top renowned scientists group in the field of karstology but is able to convey this knowledge with empathy, friendship and a lot of flexibility.
Since I started I had the feeling to be a colleague and part of an international scientific community rather than just a student.