Takwa Chouki

As part of the Ad Futura scholarship program, I had the opportunity to do my PhD study at the University of Nova Gorica (UNG).

I was extremely pleased with the high quality of my program and the interesting activities provided by the university. It was overall an awesome experience, I didn’t have any difficulties in communicating with other group members. They were really warm, welcoming and very helpful. My study program offered me a very good supervisor Prof. Dr. Saim Emin, who was my advisor and trustee in Slovenia and can say that I was very lucky to work with him. He helped me to collaborate and communicate at all professional levels and explained me the importance of working independently and how to plan work to achieve goals and targets in time. I’m very happy with my choice; being a student of UNG allowed me to improve not only my technical and interpersonal skills but also my knowledge. I also had the opportunity to work with students from other parts of the world with whom I share similar interests, targets and passions. As a student, I believe that meeting people from other countries and getting to know more about their cultures is a crucial step to improve our society.

Finally, as an international PhD student in Slovenia I would recommend this kind of program, it can offer many new things, discoveries, and, of course, sweet unforgettable memories.

Takwa Chouki, Tunisia, PhD student in Environmental Sciences, Graduate School, University of Nova Gorica