Vadym Tkachuk

My name is Vadym Tkachuk, I am a PhD student of physics and a young researcher at the University of Nova Gorica, Laboratory of Organic Matter Physics. I graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Physics. After my Master’s graduation I was invited by my friend to come here to do PhD, at that moment she was doing a PhD here, her name is Nadiia Pastukhova. We graduated from the same university and both at the physics faculty, the only thing is that she finished her studies several years earlier than me. So now I am here and I have no regrets.

After spending several years here, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge about research and laboratory work. I discovered for myself some new techniques such as probe scanning techniques, laser lithography, or obtaining and processing 2D materials. I started with a piece of graphite and scotch tape to get graphene, and now I have experience in manufacturing of complex van der Waals heterostructures based on graphene and some types of semiconductors, for myself, I took it as a kind of leap in personal skills. But all this is not only my merit, my supervisor and head of our laboratory, Prof. Dr. Gvido Bratina and Prof. Dr. Egon Pavlica, played a big role in this, also my colleagues and friends.

Before Covid, we had BBQ parties or some birthday celebrations, so the atmosphere at the university is friendly, everyone helps each other. One important thing for me that our laboratory is located in Ajdovščina, a very beautiful place in the Vipava Valley. 20 minutes of walking – and you will be in the forest, another 40 minutes – and you will be in the mountains. The nature is beautiful here, as elsewhere in Slovenia.
Therefore, I think that studying or working here will give everyone a good opportunity to do science, improve their skills, find friends and see the beautiful nature.

Vadym Tkachuk, PhD student of Physics and roung researcher, Graduate School, University of Nova Gorica