Opening of the exhibition in Venice

Date of publication: 20. 6. 2007

We kindly invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Quest4" Saturday, 23 June 2007, at 12.00 University of Nova Gorica & Palazzo Capello Venexia, Ex Convento dei Servi di Maria,
Campo della Chiesa 3, Sant'Elena, Venice.

Quest4 glorytreemachine is a project by Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, the exhibiton is organized by Famul Stuart and University of Nova Gorica. Quest4 consists of three site-specific projects: two large park sculptures and a multimedia installation. The sculptures Tree and Machine are both located in the courtyard, challenging the perception of Venice scenery. The origin of these two projects lies in thereflection of the location of Ex Convinto at Sant'Elena, which lies at the very end of Venice, the impression of a visitor being there is only sea, wind and air from that point on. The ceramic tree invites the visitor to rethink the notion of a tree and nature. Machine is in its appereance more in the like of cranes and transport boats than museums or galleries, which are the historical face of Venice. It looks like a useless machine, upon playful interaction with the visitor however, it produces sound or light, filling the courtyard with new, previously unfamiliar impulses. The intermedial object Glory shows itself as a room within the large inner space of the former church, a space seeming to be the perfect hiding place from the chaos and pressure of the outside world of the gloryseekers but after entering the atmosphere becomes ambigous...



Andreja Leban
Public Relations
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