Student of the UNG’s School of Arts Wins First Prize for Student Work

Date of publication: 22. 10. 2021

In the context of the 27th International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA), the Maribor Youth Culture Centre, in cooperation with five Slovenian educational institutions (the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana, the School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Maribor, and the AVA Academy of Visual Arts from Ljubljana), published a call for students to send in their intermedia art projects for the IFCA 2021 student award.

A four-member panel comprising Aleksandra Saška Gruden, Ida Hiršenfelder, Miha Horvat and Igor Štromajer awarded the first prize to UNG’s School of Arts student Vasily Kuzmich for the Bora, a Breath of Windproject, which he is developing as part of his graduate work.

In its commentary on the award, the panel wrote that the Bora, a Breath of Wind project, which the author is developing as part of his diploma thesis, shows mature and complex thinking, and an in-depth approach to current issues.

More information: Mladinski kulturni center Maribor


Andreja Leban, Public Relations

Vasily Kuzmich, project <i>Bora, a Breath of Wind</i>