Date of publication: 18. 8. 2023

PROF. DR. SATYA N. ATLURI (1945 - 2023)

Photo: Texas Tech University
Photo: Texas Tech University

Professor Satya Atluri, Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Nova Gorica, passed away in August 2023. He was an outstanding teacher, scientist and engineer in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering and computational sciences.

I remember well quoting him from the Indian Upanishads on several occasions: The wise man looks into space and does not regard large as too large and small as too small, for he knows there are no limits in dimensions. He has understood the limits of science in this way and implemented his achievements across the entire spectrum from nano to mega scales.

He received several dozens of international awards for his work. He belonged among the hundred most-cited personalities in the field of engineering. Due to his research achievements and connecting activities, both from the point of view of science and culture, his work is known and recognized worldwide. Professor Atluri was a member of seven scientific academies; USA, India, Europe, Ukraine, Korea, Third World based in Trieste and the oldest scientific academy of the modern world in Athens.

He has actively cooperated with the University of Nova Gorica since the beginning of the century. In 2009, he organized a prominent international symposium on meshless methods at the Bistra Technical Museum with us. He afterwards visited UNG and the Slovenian industry several times. We remember him for his many professional advice related to the strategic development of computational mechanics, joint publications and monitoring the work of our PhD students developing novel numerical methods.

We will keep our esteemed honorary doctor in lasting memory.

Professor Božidar Šarler