Methodology of research work

This course is part of the programme
Karstology (Third Cycle)

Objectives and competences

• Students are introduced to the basic principles and practices in research work
• Learn the basic research techniques and methods that are commonly used in karstology
• Learn the basic principles on how to prepare and carry out experimental work, analysis and interpretation of the results and the basics of research results presentation
• Students are be capable of independent assessment of literature and sources.




The basic aims and objectives of the course are to introduce students to the procedures and methods of scientific research as well as to basic research techniques and methods that are commonly used in karstology.

Intended learning outcomes

• Educating graduate students and young researchers to perfect the practical skills needed for a successful research career
• Rrecommendations on how to choose a research topic; the ethics of research; using scientific literature; perfecting oral and written communication; writing and publishing papers; etc.
• Introduction to research methods frequently applied in karst hydrogeology and geomorphology


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Oral examination 100%.

Lecturer's references

Adjunct professor of Karstology.


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