Research II

Objectives and competences

A constituent element of Molecular genetics and biotechnology study programme is the provision of sufficient tutoring for development of individual basic or applied research projects leading to PhD thesis. Projects should have an original and innovative component and should lead to data publication in relevant peer-review journals or patent.

Mentors are responsible for practical education and training of students.
The course is under student's mentor supervision.




• Presentation and discussion of project results
• Advanced research work, under mentor supervision
• Individual work
• Literature study

• Advanced technical competences
• Skills in problem solving
• Critical data analysis
• Identification of future plans
• Work to fulfill the PhD thesis proposal
• Team work

Intended learning outcomes

In second year, students acquired a certain degree of independence and is able to carry out the project assigned.

Students are expected to show a solid progression of the research project, with important improvement in data analysis and interpretation. The project should be substantially advanced and well organised to lead to PhD thesis proposal. Students should have acquired sufficient expertise in content knowledge, skill in laboratory methods, and knowledge of research methods and statistics.

At the end of the year, students present the progress of Research in a public oral presentation.
The ability to independently develop new knowledge and resolve the most demanding problems through experimentation and improvement of known solutions and the discovery of new solutions is evaluated.


Relevant literature in the field.


Written report of research progress. 100%

Lecturer's references