Research work 3

Objectives and competences

The student in the third academic year is capable of:
- individual analytical thinking,
- solving professional problems with individual search of solutions,
- application of relevant research techniques on the field dissertation topic,
- critical evaluation of results,
- participate in interdisciplinary team work,
- communicate and present scientific results to national and international scientific community in English.




The student continues with intensive research work on the topics of his/her doctoral thesis, which was defined in agreement with the supervisor. The program is individual and includes:
• Data analysis and their interpretation
• Presentation and discussion of project results
• Literature study
• Skills in problem solving
• Work to fulfil the PhD thesis proposal
• Team work and collaborations
• Skills in scientific writing in English.

Intended learning outcomes

In the third year, students are expected to show a solid progression of the research project, with important component in data analysis and interpretation.
Students should have acquired sufficient expertise in content knowledge, skills in laboratory methods, and knowledge of research methods and statistics. At least one accepted/published paper or paper sent in publication in international journal with IF is expected.


Readings are closely connected to the student's research topic and the list is approved by the supervisor.


Written report on research progress.

Lecturer's references

Supervisor of a doctoral student must be a university teacher, holding a title Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor, or researcher with a doctoral degree, with research experiences in the field of the dissertation topic.