Trends in Environment Sciences

This course is part of the programme
Environmental Sciences (Third Cycle)

Objectives and competences

The primary aim of the course is to transmit state of art knowledge in the filed of environmental science, green chemistry, and biotechnology. Students have the possibility to interact an international panel of scientist expert in different disciplines. The participation of activities in the class is an invaluable occasion of scientific and cultural growth offered to students that are strongly advised to actively participate.

To improve student critic attitude, a series of Journal Clubs is proposed, where PhD students study and discuss selected literature. Journal Clubs distributed throughout the year, and are chaired by different group leaders.

Students can propose a seminar wish list to the PhD organizer committee for consideration and selection.

Student can propose to present a scientific article related to his/her own interest


Inscription in the first academic year.


• Seminars in different fields of environmental science, green chemistry, and biotechnology given by invited international speakers which are top experts in the field.
• Journal Clubs. Selected topics could be either related to one of the seminar or selected among interesting papers recently published.
• Integration in the local scientific cultural and research community

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

Knowledge of the large complexity of a broad range of topics in environmental science, green chemistry, and biotechnology. Students learn ways of interactive and critic scientific discussion with scientists. It is expected that students critically interact during seminars with questions and discussion. Journal club activities reinforce communication skills and critical interpretation of a published literature.


Selected literature related to scientific seminars and Journal Clubs.


Active attendance to proposed activities (obligatory for ¾ of seminars). Presentation and argumentation of working plan for research.

Lecturer's references

Valentina Turk is Adjunct Professor (Associate Professor) in the field of Microbiology and Microbial Ecology.

Her research field is marine microbial ecology, and the focus of her research is the role of microorganisms in biogeochemical cycles in the marine environment. She is national focal point for MEDPOL, within activities of UNEP/MAP and has been taking part in monitoring programs and developing methods and procedures to determine the level of pollution and the ecological state of the seawater as well as in nature protection and biodiversity conservation. She is associated to the program group of the Marine Biology Station Piran, National Institute of Biology and I have been taking part in numerous research and applicative projects in Slovenia and abroad. She act as a mentor to young researchers as well as to undergraduate and Master’s students.

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