Research work II

This course is part of the programme
Environmental Sciences (Third Cycle)

Objectives and competences

The student get specific knowledge and competences crucial for performing planned research activities like:
- planning of research,
- selection of relevant literature,
- public presentation of the research work
- individual practical work in the laboratory and/or in the field
- writing contributions in cooperation with supervisor for meetings and workshops
- writing scientific papers


For inscription in the second year the student must already done research work from the first year equivalent to 30 ECTS.


Individual research work of student under supervision of mentor or tutor, who directed and help to the student to organize his/ her individual research work that will become the student dissertation topic. Elements as follows are included:
• review of the chosen research topic and planned researched goals related to the dissertation
• perform the research work planned for the 2nd study year
• analyze the results obtained from the research work done during the 2nd study year
• critical review of the research planned for the 3rd year of study based on the results obtained during the 1st and 2nd study years
• preparation of dissertation topic argumentation.

Intended learning outcomes

Capability in planning and performing research work related to the dissertation topic.


Readings are closely connected with the student's research topic and the list is approved by the supervisor.


Evaluation of written report (100 %) Written report on: •review of the chosen research topic •objectives of the research work •presentation and analysis of the results from second year of study •plan of the research work for the 3rd study year.

Lecturer's references

Habilitation on relevant field at the University of Nova Gorica.