Objectives and competences

The objective is to perform the research work that represents the student’s specialisation topic. Written report on research work represents the final and concluding task in the Master program. The student will acquire specific skills and competences necessary for the implementation of the planned research work.


Research topic and the name of Mentor(s) approved by the Director of the programme and three members of the programs Scientific Board.


Individual research work of student under supervision of mentor or tutor. The student will be instructed on how to organize the research work that will become the student’s specialization topic:
• review the chosen research topic,
• put the research work in a context and identify the objectives of the research work,
• plan the research work and identify the expected outcomes,
• perform the research work planned during the first study year,
• analyze the results obtained from the research work done during the first study year,
• critical review of the research work, preparation of the written report on the results obtained in research work;

Intended learning outcomes

Capability in planning and performing research work related to the selected research topic; demonstrate the ability in persuasive speech and writing, reporting clearly in all areas of the argument, successful presentation of the research work.


Positive evaluation of the written report and approval for the public presentation