Business Communication Workshop

This course is part of the programme
Master in Engineering and Management (Second Level)

Objectives and competences

Basic knowledge in the field of communication, which the manager needs in his / her work.

Knowledge and use of communication skills in interpersonal and business speaking.

Ability to use new knowledge and connect itwith managerial tasks.


Basic knowledge of the principles that represent the conditions for successful interpersonal and business communication.


  1. Definition and importance of communication.
  2. Communication process and ways of effective communication.
  3. Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  4. Communication skills: listening, speaking, writing.
  5. Characteristics of business communication.
  6. Characteristics of successful rhetoric.
  7. Business interview and business correspondence.
  8. Meetings, discussions, consultations.
  9. Negotiation process.
  10. Speeches, presentations, presentations.
  11. Performing in public media.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of the basic principles of effective performance in public presentations and in general in the public.

  • Acquired basic competencies in the field of successful negotiation.


  1. Kavčič B.: 2002. Poslovno komuniciranje. Ljubljana; EF.

  2. Možina S., Tavčar M., Zupan N., Kneževič A. 2004. Poslovno komuniciranje. Evropske razsežnosti. Maribor; Založba Obzorja.


• Written exam • Participation and exercises

Lecturer's references

Lect. mag. Tomica Dumančić, univ. dipl. sociology, habilitated in the field of “Sociology”.

Field of work: Handling human resources, from the selection the the development of personnel, briefing of the housing policies at the municipality and country level.

Employment, career:

1983 – 1985 Slovin Ljubljana (leader of an educational center);

1985 – 1986 Gimnazija Nova Gorica (sociology and philosophy professor),

1986 – 1994 PDG Nova Gorica (theater director and leader of the main SNG Nova Gorica building construction),

1994 - 2015: Hit d.d. Nova Gorica (leader of the company strategy development, worker director, adviser in the field of employee development, director's assistant, the leader of the ''Introduction of a competence model in the company Hit'' project, internal research of organisational climate in the company, internal communication, personnel development, responsible gambling etc.),

2015 on – Director of the housing fund of Nova Gorica; analysis of the country's and municipality's housing policy, suggestions for improvement of the housing legislation, comparative analysis of housing policiesin the EU countries, development of the SS MONG strategy for the period until the year 2025.

Multiple scientific articles published; mainly regarding the field of responsible gambling, executing professional workshops (leadership, team work and decision making, solving conflicts, organisational climate research, mentorship) with employees...