Introduction to Group Project Work

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's programme in Environment (first cycle)

Objectives and competences

Group Project work is a core unit in the Faculty of Environmental Science. The core focus of Introduction to Group Project Work is: team building, literature search, report writing, pronunciation, diction and project presentation skills.


There is no prerequisites.


• Lecture 1; SWOT Analysis of team members; Topic discussion; Role playing; preparation of scientific word list pertaining to topic area
• Lecture 2: Confidence building; body language analysis; Team spirit; Quality speaking; Diction; Pronunciation
• Lecture 3: Field Sampling exercises; Field Recording; Field Safety
• Lecture 4: Laboratory Rules and Safety Standards
• Lecture 5: Writing a Literature Review; preparation, standards and structure
• Lecture 6: Compiling a ppt; Visual aids; clarity; Conciseness; Readability; Visual balance
• Lecture 7: Personal presentation; Appearance; Stance; Interaction with the audience; Question response
• Lecture 8: Review of Literature Review as First Interim Report
• Lecture 9: Ppt practise with emphasis on content; timing; diction and pronunciation
• Lecture 10: Final printing of Report and Presentation practise.

Intended learning outcomes

Students will learn how to write a Literature Review, build a scientific vocabulary in their specialist research area, have compentence in time management, team co-ordination and communication skills. Development of observation and recording skills in preparation for future field and/or laboratory analysis. On the basis of this they will be able to deliver an oral presentation on the Literature Review related to the topic of their project.


The contents of various databases such as ISI, Sciencedirect, BioMedNet ...


Attendance and participation in discussion 20%, Literature Review 40%, Slide preparation and presentation 40%