Theory of literary discourse

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's study programme Slovene Studies (1st Level)

Objectives and competences

The student knows the literary-theoretical directions of the 20th century, their methodological peculiarities. The student masters the terminology of literary discourse theory
The student understands literature as a “historical, cultural and social variable” (Juvan 2006,35) and a literary text as a “dynamic, open excerpt from the cross processes of generating understanding and processing of meanings arising in historical networks of interpersonal, interlinguistic, intertextual and sociocultural relations. therefore within social interaction. ” (Juvan 2006, 49).


Enrollment in the 1st year of the programme.


The course follows the design of an important Slovenian monograph in the field (Juvan: Literary Science in Reconstruction) and is designed in two parts: The first is devoted to the place of literary theory in literary science and its relationship to literary history various concepts and concepts (discourse, history, historicism, text, context,
textology, structure, literature, fiction, reality, intertextuality, style,
identity, otherness, canon, space, cultural memory, literary system, the knowledge and understanding of which is the basis for understanding the field of literary theory. These concepts are also presented in a historical perspective: how important literary theorists defined those concepts. The seminar discusses groundbreaking literary theoretical studies and discusses the possibilities for interpreting various texts from Slovenian and world literature on the basis of these theories.

Intended learning outcomes

Students understand the development of literary theory in a historical perspective, get acquainted with new literary theoretical concepts and their use in literary science.


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  • Marko Juvan, Literarna veda v rekonstrukciji: Uvod v sodobni študij literature. Ljubljana: LUD Literatura, 2006. Catalogue
  • Kos, Janko. Literarna teorija, DZS, Ljubljana 2001. Catalogue
  • Virk, Tomo. Metodologija literarne vede. Catalogue


Test (30%), Active participation during the lectures and in the seminar (20%), Written exam (50%)

Lecturer's references

Prof. dr. Katja Mihurko Poniž, is the author of five scientific monographs (Boldly Different: Zofka Kveder and Images of Femininity; Labyrinths of Love in Slovene Literature from Romance to World War II; Eve's Daughters: Constructing Femininity in Slovene Public Discourse 1848-1902; Written with her pen: Breaks of Early Slovene Writers with the Paradigm of National Literature; Literary Creator in the Eyes of the Other: Studies on Reception, Literary Contacts and Biographical Discourse) and Zofka Kveder, editor of the Collected Works (five volumes have been published so far). She is active in international research projects, is the head of the Women Writers in History working group at the pan-European digital humanities network DARIAH and the head of the CEEPUS network of Women Writers in History. Her research areas are: feminist literary studies, gender studies, digital humanities, Slovene drama, Slovene-German literary contacts and the history of the Slovene women's movement.

MIHURKO PONIŽ, Katja. Literary journey from north to south: the reception of Nordic women writers, their books and ideas in the Slovenian literary system. Nora, ISSN 0803-8740, 2019, vol. 27, iss. 1, str. 1–13, doi: 10.1080/08038740.2018.1551245.
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