This course is part of the programme
Master's Degree Programme Humanities Studies

Objectives and competences

The main objective is to give students an overview of biolinguistics, a new way of looking at the foundations of language faculty that relates biology and linguistics. Present the main claims of biolinguistics and the theory of evolution.


This course is linked to other linguistic courses in the program. Prerequisites to take this course are the mandatory courses from the first year, which give students the necessary theoretical background.


Modern linguistics is based on the idea that our language faculty is encoded in our brain. The capacity to acquire a language is thus biologically determined. In recent years many human genes were discovered which turned out to be important for the development of human language faculty. As part of this course we will review the properties of language that can be reduced to biological properties. As part of this course we’ll also review the core biological mechanisms that could play a role in shaping the human language faculty.

Intended learning outcomes

Students learn about the core ideas behind biolinguistics. They are capable to read and evaluate biolinguistic papers and have a rough idea of the direction biolinguistics is going. This is not an experimental course, but the content of the course should provide excellent background for various experimental approaches to the study of language, which is the topic of various other courses.


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Final exam and an in-class presentation. Successful presentation is mandatory to take the final exam.

Seminar paper 60 %.
Written exam 40 %.

Lecturer's references

Prof. Dr. Franc Marušič is a lecturer in Linguistics at the School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica.

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