Analysis of a less familiar language

This course is part of the programme
Master in SL studies - Linguistics

Objectives and competences

Students will face an unknown language and will have to analyze it using various (in class) field methods. Learning about a different language and its unfamiliar patterns gives a whole new perspective on language and the universal grammar linguistics is after.


This course is related to all other courses, in particular to those in the language curriculum. Before taking this course the students have to take the three mandatory courses (Phonetics & phonology, Syntax, and Semantics).


In this course we will be studying an unfamiliar language with the help of a native speaker. We'll try to determine some basic phonological, morphological, syntactic, and semantic properties of that particular language.
During recitations, the students may work with the native speaker on their project.


  • Grammar of that particular language
  • Various articles and books dealing with that particular language
  • Potential other literature related to that language


Attending lectures, a term paper, active participation in in-class discussions, homeworks.