Catalysts for heterogeneous catalysis

This course is part of the programme
Materials Science

Objectives and competences

Cilj tega predmeta je seznaniti študente z razumevanjem osnovnih načel sodobnih heterogenih katalizatorjev. Discussed issues are complemented by a number of practical examples and excursion. Students in this course prepare seminar, with a more detailed discussion on the issues addressed.

Students will acquire the following competences:
Environmentally-friendly and economical management of modern catalysts.


Required prerequisit knowledge from courses: Materials chemistry.


h2. 1. Basic principles of heterogeneous catalysis
1.2Definitions of catalysis
1.3 Steps in heterogeneous catalytic reaction
1.4 Characteristics of a heterogeneous catalyst
1.5 Reaction schemes and adsorbed species
1.6 Determination of optimal catalyst activity

h2. 2. Development of heterogeneous catalysis
2.1 Early concepts
2.2 The concepts of kinetics and intermediate compounds
2.3 Negative catalysis: autocatalysis
2.4 Adsorption
2.5 Active sites
2.6 Selected catalytic systems

h2. 3. Catalyst design
3.1 Synthesis
3.2 Catalytic tests
3.3 Advanced characterization

h2. 4. Catalyst development
4.1 Laboratory level
4.2. Industry level

h2. 5. Bridging gaps in heterogeneous catalysis

h2. 6. Education on-site (field trip to the factory)

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
Understanding of heterogeneous catalysis.
Understanding of basic characteristics of heterogeneous catalysts.
Knowledge on design and development of industrial catalysts.


• G. Ertel, H. Knozinger, F. Schuth, J. Weitkamp, Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis, Wiley, Weinheim, 2008. E-gradivo
• E. Roduner, Understanding catalysts, TUTORIAL REVIEW ChemSocRev 2014.
• Selected websites and review scientific articles on specific areas published


Written and oral exam, Public presentation and defense of seminar

Lecturer's references

Prof. dr. Nataša Novak Tušar:

Associate Professor for Chemistry at the University of Nova Gorica

Nataša Novak Tušar is a group leader for catalysis in the Laboratory for Inorganic Chemistry and Technology at the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana. She is additionally employed at the University of Nova Gorica as Associate Professor in Chemistry. Her current research focuses on development of new catalysts for improving manufacturing systems for environmental technologies (production of chemicals and fuels from biomass and purification of water and air).

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