Inauguration of the 100th Doctoral Graduate at the University of Nova Gorica

13 June 2013

On Thursday, 13 June, 2013 a commencement ceremony for bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree students who received their degrees at the University of Nova Gorica took place at the Lanthieri mansion in Vipava.

The commencement ceremony for the new doctoral graduates held at the University of Nova Gorica was marked by a special event that we are very proud of, namely the inauguration of our 100th doctoral graduate – He Tingyao. He completed his studies at the Graduate School, Physics Department and he is currently already employed at the Xian University of Technology in China.
Throughout its 18 years of being an accredited university, the University of Nova Gorica has inaugurated 105 doctoral graduates. On December 7, 1998, the first PhD graduate became Branko Kontić, who studied Environmental Sciences. Today, our new doctoral graduates come from various countries, i.e., Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Norway, India, Colombia, Iran, Brazil, Argentina, China, and the USA.
From its very foundation onwards, the University of Nova Gorica has been very much an international institution and this remains its mission for the future. A large percentage of foreign students that study at the Graduate School proves that. This year, 47% of the students at the Graduate School are foreigners.