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Collaboration board

I. Definition

The Collaboration Board (CB) is the governing body of the collaboration. The CB deals with issues including governance, policy on admission of new members and institutions and publication policy.

II. Membership

  • Each institution having at least three participating physicists and/or engineers will have one
    representative on the CB.
  • Physicists or engineers, supported by their home institutions, who devote a reasonable amount of their time
    to the progress of the project and/or the running of the experiment are considered as participating persons.
    The CB will be regularly informed (by oral or written reports) on the desired or actual activities of the persons participating in the project.
  • If institutions from one country do not qualify to have one representative, a group of two or three such institutions is allowed to have one representative.
  • Each participating country shall have at least one representative.
  • Any project or experiment not directly involved with the Auger project but which uses or intends to use the Auger Observatory as a facility may have one representative as non voting members of the CB.
  • The responsibility for selecting a representative lies with the institution or institutions involved.
  • The project spokesperson and co-spokesperson, the site spokespersons, the project manager and the task managers are, ex-officio, non-voting members of the CB.
  • Exceptions to the membership rules are to be agreed by the CB after a vote.

III. Organization and duties.

  • The CB will vote on admission of new member institutions to the collaboration.
  • Each institutional or country representative will have one vote on the CB. If a CB member is unable to attend a meeting, a substitute may replace him/her.
  • The chairperson and the secretary of the CB are elected by the CB to a renewable two-year term.
  • The Auger Project spokesperson, co-spokesperson and project manager are nominated by the CB and elected by the collaboration as a whole.
  • The task managers are proposed by the project spokesperson, co-spokeserson and project manager and their nomination approved by the CB.
  • The site managers and site spokespersons will be proposed by the two host countries. Their appointment will be ratified by the CB.

IV. Meetings.

  • The CB will meet at least twice a year.
  • A special meeting can be convened at any time on the instigation of at least one third of the CB members or of the spokesperson and co-spokesperson of the collaboration.

V. Country representatives.

Each participating country nominates a country representative. With respect to the collaboration, the country representatives are in charge of the transmission of information in both directions. They have also the task of collecting the votes for their countries whenever a vote is submitted to the collaboration as a whole.

Updated: November 7, 2007