Predavanje v okviru Znanstvenega večera

Datum objave: 7. 2. 2020

Univerza v Novi Gorici vabi na predavanje, ki ga bo imel prof. dr. Nejc Hodnik (Kemijski inštitut, Univerza v Novi Gorici), z naslovom "Naš pristop k raziskovanju elektrokatalize".

Predavanje v okviru cikla »Znanstveni večeri« bo potekalo v četrtek, 20. februarja 2020, ob 19. uri v dvorcu Lanthieri v Vipavi.

Sledil bo s predavateljem, ki ga bo moderirala prof. dr. Nataša novak Tušar.

Due to the challenges that we face in the world, today world leaders are forced to reconsidering the heavy abuse of fossil fuels. This is, however, the opportunity for the Electrocatalysis to offer a solution that has been given on the table already in 1972 by J. O'M. Bockris (Science, 1972, 176, 1323); A Hydrogen Economy. Electrochemistry enables the storage and extraction of electrons (that would ideally come from renewable sources like sun and wind) in and from the elements and chemicals. Two devices are usually mentioned in the Hydrogen context, namely fuel cells and electrolyzers. In particular, the main reaction is hydrogen evolution out of water (also referred to as water cycle). Interestingly, also CO2 reduction (carbon cycle) raised a great deal of attention lately. However, the topic of electrocatalysis is much more than this. In the proposed presentation, I will showcase the main concepts and reactions we study, their importance, structures of catalysts and our methodological approach, which stretches from analytics, electron microscopy, synthesis of nanomaterials and of course, also electrochemistry.

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