EMEC 11 - The 11th European Meeting on
Environmental Chemistry

PORTOROˇ, 8-11 december 2010


Chairpersons: Mark Fitzsimons, Hyo-Taek Chon

Keynote lecture III

12.00 - 12.30
Phil Haygarth
Transfer of diffuse polluting substances from land to water

Oral presentations

12.30 - 12.45
Pascale Prudent, Bruno Coulomb, Roger Matta, Frederic Theraulaz, Pierre Renault, Catherine Massiani
Kinetic extractions to mimic mobilization ability of trace metal in compost, soil and compost-amended soil

12.45 - 13.00
Juana Marķa Rosas, Arturo Romero, Aurora Santos, Fernando Vicente
Enhancing p-cresol extraction from soil

13.00 - 13.15
Peter Mäkie, Per Persson, Lars Österlund
Adsorption of organophosphorous compounds on well-characterized hematite, maghemite and goethite nanoparticles

13.15 - 13.30
Miroslav Matucha, Zora Lachmanovį and Nicholas Clarke
Biogeochemical cycles of chlorine in the forest ecosystem: radiotracer study using 36Cl and 14C

13.30 - 14.30 Lunch