FDSL 6.5 at University of Nova Gorica
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Poster boards are 1,35m wide and 1,95m tall.

Marketa Ceplova
Czech wh-existential constructions do not involve questions

Bartłomiej Czaplicki
Decomposition of nasal vowels in Polish

Alja Ferme
Morphological complexity and final obstruent devoicing in Slovene

Anna Pazelskaya
(Moscow State U)
Argument structure in Russian deverbal nouns in -nie

Peter Staroverov
(Moscow State U)
Type-shifting and lexical semantics in the interpretation of Russian conjoined relational nouns

Olga Fedorova &
Igor Yanovich
(Moscow State U)
Can the RC-attachment processor work without semantics?
Nina Rojina
Another Account on Russian multiple wh-questions

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