FDSL 6.5 at University of Nova Gorica
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The (preliminary) conference PROGRAM

(Začasni) program konference

The conference will take place in the "gledališka dvorana" (=theater hall) of the new gym next to the Nova Gorica High school. It is marked on the map.

Friday, December 1, 2006
08:30 Registration
09:15 Opening Remarks: TBA
Session I Syntax chair: TBA
Pavel Caha (Tromsø) Case Shifting as Peeling and Some of the Consequences
Natalia Ivlieva & Alexander Podobryaev (Moscow State U) Bound to be bound (on certain similarities between pronominal and anaphor binding in Russian)
10:30 Coffee Break
Session II Syntax chair: TBA
Alexis Dimitriadis (Utrecht) & Tanja Milićev (Novi Sad) Symmetric and non-symmetric reciprocals in Serbo-Croatian
Jonathan MacDonald (Cyprus) Russian aspect without AspP
11:45 Coffee Break
Invited Speaker: Ora Matushansky (CNRS/Université Paris VIII)
Predication: A Case Study
13:00 Lunch
Session III Semantics, Syntax/Semantics chair: Tatjana Marvin
Sašo Živanović (Ljubljana) The stowaway of the: on different readings of superlative determiners
Elizaveta Bylinina (Russian Academy of Science) The scalar side of specific indefinites: Russian -to series
Vesselina Laskova (Venice)
16:00 Coffee Break
Poster Session
Session IV Syntax chair:
Lucie Medova (Princeton) Reflexive clitics, Movement and Layered Case
Vera Prochazkova (Tromsø) Argument structure of Czech event nominals
Knut Tarald Taraldsen (Tromsø) Case and resumptive clitics in Czech
19:00 End of the First day activities

Saturday, December 2, 2006
09:00 Coffee
Session V
Syntax chair: Marija Golden
Steven Franks (Indiana) & Anita Peti-Stantić (Zagreb) Splitting Puzzles in South Slavic
Carlos de Cuba (Stony Brook) & Ivana Mitrović (Novi Sad) WH-adjuncts and long distance multiple WH-movement in Serbian
10:30 Coffee Break
Session VI Phonology chair: Draga Zec
Boštjan Dvořak
(ZAS Berlin)
Stress and Strength by Clitics in Slovenian
Markéta Ziková (Brno) Case markers in Czech: floating melodies, self-licensing vowels and final empty nuclei
11:45 Coffee Break
Invited Speaker: Draga Zec (Cornell University)
Phonology within morphology in South Slavic: The case of OV augmentation
13:00 Lunch
Session VII Acquisition etc chair: Maria-Louisa Rivero
Lidiya Tornyova (CUNY) Acquisition of auxiliary inversion in wh-questions: evidence from Bulgarian
Marketa Lopatkova, Martin Platek & Petr Sgall (Prague) Functional Generative Description, Restarting Automata and Analysis by Reduction
16:00 Coffee Break
Session VIII Semantics chair: Ora Matushansky
Barbara Sonnenhauser (LMU Muenchen) On the reference of verbal predicates
Igor Yanovich (Moscow State U) Ordinary property and identifying property wh-words: two kakoj-s in Russian
Atle Grønn (Oslo) Aspectual competition in Russian as bidirectional optimization
17:45 Coffee Break
Invited Speaker: Tatjana Marvin (University of Ljubljana)
The Interaction between Stress, Syntax and Meaning in Slovenian Priscianic Formations
19:00 Reception/Party in the evening

Sunday, December 3, 2006
09:00 Coffee
Session IX Syntax chair: TBA
María Luisa Rivero (Ottawa) & Milena M. Sheppard (Ljubljana) Revisiting Involuntary State Constructions in Slovenian
Marijana Marelj (Utrecht) Left Branch Condition, Movement and Pronoun Insertion Strategy
10:30 Coffee Break
Session X Syntax chair: Steven Franks
Nadira Aljović (CNRS/Paris 8) Are there optional rules in syntax? Evidence from clitic climbing in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Anna Kupsc (Loria Nancy/Polish Academy) Polish Present Tense Copula
11:45 Business meeting
Invited Speaker: Željko Bošković (University of Connecticut)
On two types of negative constituents and negative concord
after lunch and later Soccer/Football ...
a trip ...
whatever we'll feel like doing

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