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Travel information

First see if you need a visa to enter Slovenia. Slovenia is a member of the EU, but we haven't yet entered the Schengen area. If you are an EU citizen, you don't need a visa, for other countries, please follow the link below. If you have a residence permit for a Schengen country, you should also be able to enter Slovenia without a visa. But anyway, please check on the following pages whether you need a visa or not.

Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Visa -- general information:

Visa -- more concrete information:

Visa -- details on visa requirements for individual countries:

You can apply for a number of visas, turist, privat visit, or business. The forms are available online.

Unless you will apply for a turist visa, you will also need a Letter of Guarantee. Check both versions and send us the information we need to write one for you.

Getting to Nova Gorica

By car

Nova Gorica is halfway from Venice to Ljubljana.
Coming from Venice, you have to exit the Venice-Trieste highway in Villese and follow the highway untill you get to Gorica. Nova Gorica is just on the other side of the border.

Coming from Ljubljana, you have to get off the Ljubljana-Trieste highway in Razdrto. There's about 10 km of normal road before you get back on the highway. Continue along the highway untill you get to Nova Gorica. Slovenia is not yet included in the http://maps.google.com (Italy is), but there's a nice map of Slovenian available at http://zemljevid.najdi.si/

By plane

The closest airport is Trieste (Ronchi dei Legionari, with connections to Rome, Milan, Munich, London, Belgrade, and some smaller airports). The airport is only a 30 minute bus ride away (bus ticket is around 3€), but it is in Italy. If you need a visa for Slovenia, you might need a second visa for Italy (we are afraid we cannot help you with that). You can use either Italian or Slovenian taxi's to get to Nova Gorica from there. Slovenian taxi (++386 31 344 443) costs 7000 sit (28€), we don't know what the rates are with the Italian taxi's. Taxi might be the easiest option to get from the train station in Gorizia (in Italy) to Nova Gorica (in Slovenia). Busses for the same relation run every hour and cost 1€.

The second closest airport (and the closest airport in Slovenia) is Ljubljana (Brnik, with connections to all major European airports). There's a bus every hour that will take you to the Ljubljana bus and railway station (it costs 770 sit = 3€). Taxi form the airport to Ljubljana is way more expensive (unless you can share with a bunch of people). See below for the instructions on how to get from Ljubljana to Nova Gorica.

Venice is also fairly close, but again in Italy.

Depending on ... (many things), we might try to organize some group transportation from the Ljubljana airport to Nova Gorica. Please send us your flight information when you have them. Obviously, the easiest (but not the cheapest) option is to rent a car at the airport.

By bus and train

There's a bus from Ljubljana to Nova Gorica every hour or so. It costs around 2400 sit, which is 10€ (It is advisable, but not necessary, to buy the ticket at the bus station, the rate is the same if you buy it on the bus). Trains are less frequent and take longer, but are more confortable and slightly cheaper (the ticket should be around 1700 sit, which is around €7). The link takes you to the Swiss railways webpage, which has the most accurate and easy to use searchable timetable. The train ticket should be bought at the train station (it might be that the rate for on-board purchase is slightly higher).

Once in Nova Gorica, use the map :). The bus map is available here. More info about the city bus is available through http://www.avrigo.si.

Oh yes, and before coming, be sure to learn some Slovenian.

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