The procedure for enrollment

On-line application

Candidates are required to apply by submitting an electronic application through the eVŠ web portal.

Obligatory attachments:

  • The certificate of education;
  • A court-certified translation of the education certificate from the previous indent into the Slovenian or English language. Candidates should submit translations of certificates only if the letter so requires;
  • Annual report cards, transcripts, a diploma supplement or some other evidence on the contents and duration of education;
  • A short chronological description of the entire education, prepared and signed by the holder of the education certificate or his / her legal representative;
  • Motivation letter and CV.

Candidates are expected to provide all documentation by the deadline.

Important dates

Application dates:

Application period Full-time study
1st round February 20 – March 20
2nd round April 1 – July 1
3rd round August 1 – September 1
Final round September 10 – 25

Warning: If too many candidates apply in application round, the next round will remain closed.

Deadlines for the submission of attachments to the application:

Application period Full-time study
1st round March 20 or August 1
2nd round July 1 or August 1
3rd round September 1 or September 25
Final round September 25

Candidates who have already completed their previous education at the time of application and have proof of eligibility (final exam, diploma…) and which cannot be obtained from public records, submit them electronically via the eVŠ portal together with the application, or at the latest by the end of the application period in which they submit the application.

Candidates who complete previous education in the current school year must submit evidence to the eVŠ portal by the above-mentioned date.

More information on recognition of academic achievements

T: +386 5 3315 234
T: +386 5 9099 717