Our schools offer modern and interdisciplinary programmes in natural sciences, engineering, management, biotechnical sciences, humanities and art.

Our awareness of the importance of environmental issues is increasing, but we are also aware of the fact that environmental management calls for a professional approach. The School of Environmental Sciences was the first in Slovenia to have launched a comprehensive university study programme in the field of environmental sciences. The goal of our fully accredited firstand second-level study programmes Environment is to educate professionals in the fields of environmental research and protection, as well as the management of the environment.

The School of Engineering and Management offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programme Engineering and Management. Effective management of modern businesses requires individuals who are not only experts in specific fields, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, but also the ones who have joint knowledge of engineering, management and economics.

The School of Science is a hub of enthusiastic students, researchers, assistants and professors from Slovenia and all around the world. United by common passions, that range from atoms, molecules, materials, devices, to the understanding of our atmosphere, the stars, galaxies and the Universe as a whole. The School of Science offers research-oriented BSc, MSc degrees, supported by our labs and research centers. Furthermore, students have the unique possibility to remotely perform astronomical observations with a telescope located under the dark sky of Chile. At the UNG Graduate School, there is the possibility to continue to PhD degree in Astrophysics, Physics or Materials Science.

Located in the historically and culturally rich Goriška Region in western Slovenia, at the juncture of the Slavic, Romanic and Germanic worlds, the School of Humanities of the University of Nova Gorica offers studies of cultural history, literature studies, linguistics, migration and intercultural relations. These academic fields are not only addressed through the topics and phenomena characteristic of the local environment and examined solely within the borders of the national territory, but are also studied as highly relevant areas in a wider international space, inviting intercultural dialogue.

The University of Nova Gorica’s School of Viticulture and Enology provides multidisciplinary higher-education expertise in viticulture, enology, and wine marketing. Through its practical and international orientation, recognised national and international experts serving as guest lecturers, and close cooperation with the University of Nova Gorica’s Wine Research Centre, the school ensures the continuous inflow of the latest knowledge and skills, and the acquisition of valuable experience that helps its graduates find jobs in their area of expertise.

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts focuses on the development of author personas, savvy in several complementary artistic fields and media – film, animation, photography, new media and contemporary art practices. The interdisciplinary and intermedia features of these explicitly practical study programmes delivered in a quality academic environment are guaranteed by a rich pallet of referenced collaborators and visiting mentors. Besides manifold mobility options, students are included in international projects and collaborations with the local community as well as with a wider social context, especially the cultural and creative industries.

Are you interested in research work and discovering new knowledge? Would you like to contribute to the transfer of new knowledge into practice? Join our international team of top researchers, professors and experts in our doctoral study programmes: