Slavica Schuster Levak

graduate of the doctoral study programme Environmental Sciences

My name is Dr. Slavica Schuster Levak. I completed my doctoral studies in environmental science at the University of Nova Gorica in 2019. My topic was socio-economic impacts on the increase in waste in Slovenian municipalities. I studied at the University because of the great advantages they gave me. I play handball professionally and I was always able to combine my doctoral studies and handball. The professors and the faculty staff understood me. That meant a lot to me and it was exactly one of the reasons for my studying at the University. Of course, it was not easy to play professional sports, but with persistence and desire, everything could come together. During my studies, I lived in Slovakia, Spain and Croatia, and I adapted my sports activities and successfully completed my doctorate. Along with studying, I won numerous European titles of which I am very proud. I would also emphasize the advantages of studying in English. In addition to actively playing handball, I spoke Spanish, Slovak and my mother tongue Croatian, but I studied in English, which was a great advantage for me. I improved my English. Of course, you can do anything when you want. I successfully completed my doctorate and got a job at the Montanuniversität in Leoben, Austria. I perfected my knowledge there, and passed on what I had acquired to the younger generations. The advantage of my employment was a good level of English. I still play handball, which is my great passion.

Dr. Slavica Schuster Levak, graduate of the doctoral study programme Environmental Sciences, Graduate School, and professional athlete

Slavica Schuster Levak - PhD graduate in environmental sciences and professional athlete: picture from a handball court