Invitation to attend the opening of the exhibition Kamil Arčon and his Nihalopis

Date of publication: 18. 10. 2023
Research centre Ajdovščina of University of Nova Gorica, Vipavska 11c.

Exhibition opening will be on Kamil's 96th birthday - 26th October 2023 at 13:00 in the School of Science located in the University Centre in Ajdovščina, Vipavska cesta 11c, Ajdovščina.

Photo: Kamil Arčon
Photo: Kamil Arčon

Kamil Arčon invented and constructed a variant of mechanical pendulum "NIHALOPIS", which he used to graphically explore the beauty of the world of symmetries. Fascinated by complex motion of Nihalopis, which represents an interesting example of a coupled pendulum, he systematically charted a series of different trajectories and modes of motion, without any mathematical or physical knowledge.

Kamil's intuitive observations of his complex dynamical mechanical system resulted in a booklet comprising a list of interesting trajectories, which he was able to generate due to his sense and attraction to mathematical symmetries.

His empirical results represent a challenge to the students of physics - to construct a theoretical model of his Nihalopis. A model, which could potentially reproduce the complexity of observed dynamics of Nihalopis. More, the model could potentially be used to create and reproduce the trajectories, which Kamil collected in his booklet. Undoubtedly, modelling of Kamil's Nihalopis does not only brings students to deeper understanding of physical principles of classical mechanics, but also reveals the beauty of mathematical symmetries in real world.

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Photo: Egon Pavlica
Photo: Iztok Arčon
Photo: Egon Pavlica