Meeting of alumni of the University of Nova Gorica

Date of publication: 20. 9. 2022

On 15 September, a meeting of alumni of the University of Nova Gorica was held in Ajdovščina. Today, the Alumni Club includes 998 bachelor's graduates, 500 master's graduates and 259 doctorate graduates.

Photo: Miha Godec
Photo: Miha Godec

With his opening remarks, the Rector of the University of Nova Gorica, Prof. Dr. Boštjan Golob, emphasised the research excellence of our institution: "Among other things, this is also affirmed by a recently acquired project financed by the European Union and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. It is one of the most financially substantial projects in the country so far, and will bring a large number of much-needed postdoctoral researchers to some of Slovenia's leading research institutions."

He pointed out that the University is in need of some infrastructural renovation, with a concentration of activities in buildings that enable modern teaching and research in higher education. "The university urgently needs its own student accommodation. It needs housing capacities that will offer future students higher standards of living. Even the term "student life" is taking on a new meaning."

"These days, reflections on the future are somewhat divided. On the one hand, this year, together with other higher education and research institutions, the University entered a renewed system of stable funding for research and innovation. The law includes promising announcements of an increase in funding for these types of activities in the following years. However, daily news and the economic crisis we are facing tell us another story of the coming times, which could prove difficult. Like most other universities in Slovenia, the University of Nova Gorica will not only face the upcoming challenges independently, but also within the framework of the European network of cross-border universities, ACROSS, which we were invited to join this year," the rector concluded his thoughts.

Later in the meeting, the president of the University of Nova Gorica Foundation, Prof. Dr. Mladen Franko presented the institution's operation. "The University of Nova Gorica is a unique university with a foundation whose mission it is to provide additional support for the operation, further development and achievement of excellence of the University of Nova Gorica, both in the scientific-research and pedagogical fields."

"Considering the current favourable financial situation of the University of Nova Gorica Foundation, we raised over EUR 16,000 for the purpose of scholarships in the last year alone. I consider it very important that we can currently support and encourage new students to enrol with the support of the Jožek Markič awards, given out by the School of Arts, and with scholarships for student athletes, which are awarded by the "Matija Franko" Scholarship Fund for student athletes. Starting next academic year, two additional scholarships are planned for student athletes and the launch of the "Edvard Rusjan" fund for talented students, which will grant its first scholarships," the chairman of the board commented on current upcoming activities.

Prof. Dr. Franko concluded the presentation with the hope that even more donors would recognise the important activities the Foundation is currently carrying out for the benefit of students: "That is why, dear alumni, I am once again turning to you with a request to spread the story of the University of Nova Gorica Foundation as much as possible to the general public, as well as in your own networks."

The meeting, which attracted around 100 former students and their mentors, was concluded with relaxed socialising, networking and reminiscing about the student years. Musical accompaniment was provided by the guitar octet of the Vinko Vodopivec Music School from Ajdovščina and the Huda Golob Duo.

Finally, the rector, Prof. Dr. Golob, answered the question of what can you, dear alumni, do for the University?: "The answer is simple. You can do the most by either starting or continuing your professional careers, doing work for which you were trained, are qualified in, and in which you will achieve success. We wish you as much success as possible, and also offer you any help should you need it. In other words: don't be a stranger, reach out."

Andreja Leban, Public Relations


Photo: Miha Godec
Photo: Miha Godec
Photo: Miha Godec
Prof. Dr. Boštjan Golob, Rector of the University of Nova Gorica. Photo: Miha Godec
Prof. Dr. Mladen Franko, President of the University of Nova Gorica Foundation. Photo: Miha Godec
Photo: Miha Godec