2023 Milka and Metod Badjura Award goes to Rado Likon

Date of publication: 31. 8. 2023

Long time associate of the School of Arts Rado Likon is the recipient of this year's national lifetime achievement award in the field of film creativity, the Milka and Metod Badjura Award.

Photo: Personal Archive
Photo: Personal Archive

"Director of photography Rado Likon, the first Slovenian to graduate from the prestigious FAMU Film Academy in Prague, left his mark on Slovenian cinematography and on the television world with his immense talent and dedication. May the Milka and Metod Badjura Award serve as recognition of his contribution to Slovenian film and film heritage," stated the expert committee, comprised of Špela Čadež, Andrej Košak, Lija Pogačnik, Sonja Prosenc, and Milena Zupančič, as substantiation on why the award was given.

»His discipline and creativity have been vital to complex shots that go from a play of light and shadow to dynamic shots in which the camera passes over the invisible axis, capturing the actors from various angles. Likon is also a master of making artistic shots of landscapes, traditions and faces of the people of Slovenia. Always in harmony with the narrative, regardless of the topic or filming technique, his cinematography has had an impact on cinema and TV audiences alike.«

The award will be presented at the festival opening ceremony on 3 October 2023 in the Main Hall of Avditorij Portorož.

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Source: Festival of Slovenian Film