Materials Research Laboratory of the University of Nova Gorica partner in the European ERA-MIN3 Project

Date of publication: 8. 11. 2023

A group of researchers from the Materials Research Laboratory of the University of Nova Gorica, led by Assist. Prof. Dr. Blaž Belec, is a proud partner in the GENIUS project - Greener permanent magnets without or with less critical raw materials.

Dr. Petra Jenuš from the Department of Nanostructured Materials of the Jožef Stefan Institute is a main coordinator of the international consortium combining four research institutions (Jožef Stefan Institute and the University of Nova Gorica, both from Slovenia, Institute for Ceramic and Glass in Madrid, Spain and Uppsala University in Sweden) and one company Kolektor.

Among 45 received applications from across the World that apply for the international “ERA-MIN3 call: Transnational Call 2023 Raw Materials for the Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy”, GENIUS was evaluated with the second-highest score.

The project is focused on environmentally improved technologies, increasing the recycling of permanent magnets and introducing magnets without rare earth elements. Permanent magnets are essential for electric motors or wind turbine generators. Therefore, the investigation in the framework of the GENIUS project will significantly contribute to green transition strategies.


The image displays the magnetic profile of a motor with ferrite magnets. The colours represent the magnetic flux density and magnetic field lines for one of the previous designs with ferrite magnets. The simulation was conducted at Uppsala University in Sweden, a partner in the Genius project.