Associate professor in the field of Video and Film Arts (m/f)

Date of publication: 19. 12. 2023
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University of Nova Gorica announces a vacancy associate professor in the field of Video and Film Arts.

Deadline for applications: 15. 1. 2024

The work will be carried out at the University of Nova Gorica School of arts. The academy is a young, dynamic institution with contemporary curricular approaches and an emphasis on personal work with students.

The associate professor will work in the field of video and film art processes, which as a complex medium integrates visual media into new film and video wholes. Due to the wide range of expressive disciplines and new technological possibilities, new individual languages can be developed. The space for their use is expanding endlessly with the development of digital technologies.

Application conditions:

  • Bachelor's degree or 2nd cycle diploma in artistic fields,
  • the title of Associate Professor or fulfilling the conditions for habilitation to the title of Associate Professor,
  • proven ability to carry out independent artistic or professional work,
  • independence, adaptability to working in a team, accuracy and reliability in work,
  • the ability to lead a team,
  • knowledge of the English language at least at level B2,
  • two years' experience in the same or similar positions

Estimated start of work February 20th 2024. The contract will be 50% time, 20 hours per week, for a fixed period of one year, with the possibility of extension.

Mandatory annexes to the application:

  • CV with a description of previous work,
  • a scientific and professional bibliography,
  • evidence of eligibility,
  • the names and contact details of two persons who can give an opinion on the applicant's personal and professional qualifications.

Applications will be accepted electronically at up to and including 15. 1. 2024.

The application should be sent as a single attachment to the e-mail in PDF format.

Contact for further information: tel. 05 620 85 22 or e-mail for the application form.



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