Experimental chambers

Time resolved photoemission set up

The experimental set up consists of:

  • Fast Entry with samples' garage

  • Main chamber:
    Scienta R3000 electrons' spectrometer
    Conventional XPS, with monochromatized Al K-alpha source (1486.6 eV)
    Cryogenic manipulator, liquid He closed circuit, 11 K on sample

  • Preparation chamber:
    4 DoF manipulator with LN2 cooling and e-beam heating stage
    Sputter gun
    e-beam evaporator
    Knusden cell evaporators
    LEED (Lowe Energy Electron Diffraction)

ARPES set up

New experimental chamber with Specs Phoibos 150 and UV 300 He discharge source

(June 2022)

  • Scienta ARToF chamber: time and angle resolved Time of Flight electron spectrometer
    (currently not in use, available on request)