Mental health of students

At the University of Nova Gorica, we support the national campaign against the stigmatization of mental health in Slovenia under the common slogan "Aren't you okay? Tell me more.” Because we are aware that there is not enough talk about mental health and distress. We are convinced that only if we talk about our problems out loud do we have a better chance of receiving appropriate help.

Students in mental distress can visit the website Aren't you okay? Tell me more. they get a lot of information about mental health, how we help ourselves and others, where to get help, learn about stigma and learn about personal stories of individuals.

Emergency telephone numbers:

  • 01 520 99 00 - Call in mental distress (every day between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.)
  • 116 123 - Samarijan and Sopotnik confidential telephone numbers (shared number; 24 hours a day; calls are free)

Network of psychological consultants Posvet - We are here for you:

  • (031 704 707)
  • (031 778 772)

Regional sources of assistance for good mental health in the context of public health

Nova Gorica Health Center, Center for Adult Mental Health

Individual psychiatric or psychological treatment and assistance; support from an occupational therapist; CDZO Nova Gorica - ambulance:

T: +386 5 33 83 269


Community psychiatric treatment Nova Gorica - field service

T: +386 5 33 83 318


Nova Gorica Health Center, Center for Health Promotion

T: +386 5 33 83 289


- programs for better mental well-being

- individual conversation with a psychologist

- a program to treat people with long-term Covid19

Ajdovščina Health Center, Center for Strengthening Health

T: +386 5 93 43 171

T: +386 51 415 731

- programs for the maintenance, support and promotion of mental health

National Institute of Public Health, Nova Gorica Unit

Regional Coordinator for Mental Health: Andrejka Prijon

T: +386 5 333 17 78, +386 41 454 790


Mental help at University of Nova Gorica

Prevention of sexual harassment, other forms of harassment and bullying at UNG

Regional sources of assistance for good mental health within non-governmental organisations

PO-MOČ Society

Assistance and information in the field of social and health care

T: +386 80 16 12

Society POSVET

Psychological Counselling Center Posvet offers free psychological counselling in various locations.

T: +386 31 704 707



Counselling and assistance with mental health problems and eating disorders

T: +386 68 648 695


Society for Psychosocial Assistance and Rehabilitation of People in Need PLUTON

T: +386 31 417 244


Emergency telephones

Call in mental distress

T: +386 1 520 99 00 (every day between 7 pm and 7 am).

Confidential telephone Samaritan and Companion

T: +386 116 123 (24 hours a day, every day). The call is free.

TOM telephone for children and adolescents

T: +386 116 111 (every day between 12 noon and 8 pm). The call is free.