Gender equality plan:
GENDER EQUALITY PLAN Gender equality policy

GENDER EQUALITY PLAN 2021 Implementation Strategy


GENDER EQUALITY REPORT for the period from June 2022 to December 2023

Prevention of sexual harassment, other forms of harassment and bullying:

Rules on the definition and performance of activities to combat sexual harassment, other forms of harassment and bullying

The following trusted persons have been appointed at the University of Nova Gorica to support and help victims of sexual harassment, other form of harassment or bullying:

The tasks of a trusted person shall be, in particular:

  • to provide psychological support and assistance to a victim,
  • to talk to the victim in confidence, provide them with important information and help them find appropriate solutions and measures during the period in which their report of sexual harassment, another form of harassment or bullying is being dealt with,
  • to be present, should the victim wish, at informal and/or formal processes dealing with the sexual harassment, other form of harassment or bullying they have reported,
  • to be in a relationship of trust with the victim, which means that they may not disclose the content of their discussions to third parties or, without the victim’s consent, refer during formal proceedings to information they have obtained in the course of confidential discussions with the victim.

Equal Opportunities Coordinator:
Tina Šček Krušec, univ. dipl. prav
E: equality@ung.si

Equal Opportunities Commission

  • Prof. dr. Andreja Gomboc
  • Prof. dr. Peter Purg
  • Prof. dr. Katja Mihurko Poniž
  • Doc. dr. Blaž Belec